ZX Series


  • Small and Light
  • Flexible Mounting Direction
  • Top Priority Placed on Easy Operation
  • Operating Setting with No Need for a Digital Panel Meter


A Host of Smart Functions Inside a Compact Body with a Full Range of Laser Types

Small and Light

Approximately the same size as a photoelectric sensor, the compact ZX Sensors contribute considerably to space-saving efforts on production sites. Naturally, response speed is also equivalent to that of a photoelectric sensor.
* High-speed sampling: 0.15 ms (response speed: 0.3 ms)

ZX-L-N Features 1
ZX-L-N Features 2

Flexible Mounting Direction

Install a Side-view Attachment (sold separately) for additional installation possibilities.

ZX-L-N Features 3

Top Priority Placed on Easy Operation

Advanced functions and performance plus easy operation.
This is a major feature of the ZX Series.
Experience operation that doesn’t get any easier.

ZX-L-N Features 4

A Full Complement of Practical Functions

Operating Setting with No Need for a Digital Panel Meter

By simply fitting a Calculating Unit between two Amplifiers, the processing results of two Sensors can be displayed on a single Amplifier. Setting parameters need to be input only on one Amplifier.

ZX-L-N Features 6
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Additional information

Power consumption

15 VA/100 VAC max.
25 VA/240 VAC max.

50 VA/100 VAC max.
70 VA/240 VAC max.

Supply voltage

100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Terminal block

Fixed (not removable)


– EMC Directive
– RoHS Directive
– UL 508
– KC


CPU Unit with 14 or 20 I/O points (CP2E-[]14/20D[]-[]): 90mm *1 ×80mm *2
× 86mm
CPU Unit with 30 I/O points (CP2E-[]30D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 130mm
CPU Unit with 40 I/O points (CP2E-[]40D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 150mm
CPU Unit with 60 I/O points (CP2E-[]60D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 195mm