FH Series


  • AI captures defects with human-like sensitivity
  • Software for flexible automation
  • AI makes it easy to avoid overdetection [PATENT PENDING]*1
  • AI reduces overdetection
  • AI identifies good products as well as experienced inspectors


AI-based automated visual inspection

AI captures defects with human-like sensitivity

Defect detection tasks that rely on human sensibility are a challenge to automate. Fortunately, powerful new AI technology can match the skills and capabilities of experienced inspectors.

FH Series Features 1

AI reproduces human expertise through learned criteria

FH Series Features 2

*1. The FH-UMAI1 Scratch Detect AI Software Installer is required to use AI Scratch Detect Filter.

Automatic detection of various defects without definition and learning

Regardless of material type, color, or size, defects can be extracted reliably without previously required definition and adjustment.

FH Series Features 3

AI identifies good products as well as experienced inspectors

Sensory inspection requires a certain tolerance for variations that don’t pass a certain threshold.
Determining what variations are acceptable is a key capability of expert inspectors and poses a challenge for automated inspection systems.

FH Series Features 4

AI reduces overdetection

FH Series Features 5

AI makes it easy to avoid overdetection [PATENT PENDING]*1

Three quick steps on the settings screen guide the user through the process of creating the good product model with the minimum number of images.

FH Series Features 6

*1. Patent pending means that we applied for a patent in Japan, and Patented means that we obtained a patent in Japan. (as of May 2020)

No special environment is required

With the FH Series, there’s no need for high-end hardware or specialized engineers who can configure the system to suit your needs. Our general-purpose vision system makes it easier than ever to introduce AI into production sites.

Vision controller with AI functionality

Artificial intelligence has traditionally required a high-end environment, but our lightweight creative solution comes in the form of user-friendly processing items that have been integrated into our popular FH Series hardware.

FH Series Features 9

*1. The FH-5550 Controller is compared with the FH-3050 Controller.

FH Series Features 11

Software for flexible automation

FH Series Features 12
FH Series Features 13
FH Series Features 14
FH Series Features 15
FH Series Features 16
FH Series Features 17

Design interface for quick setup

FH Series Features 18
FH Series Features 19
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Additional information

Power consumption

15 VA/100 VAC max.
25 VA/240 VAC max.

50 VA/100 VAC max.
70 VA/240 VAC max.

Supply voltage

100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Terminal block

Fixed (not removable)


– EMC Directive
– RoHS Directive
– UL 508
– KC


CPU Unit with 14 or 20 I/O points (CP2E-[]14/20D[]-[]): 90mm *1 ×80mm *2
× 86mm
CPU Unit with 30 I/O points (CP2E-[]30D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 130mm
CPU Unit with 40 I/O points (CP2E-[]40D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 150mm
CPU Unit with 60 I/O points (CP2E-[]60D[]-[]): 90mm *1 × 80mm *2 × 195mm