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Open Recruitment Digital marketing (Freelance)

About the job

The ideal candidate will be responsible for growing revenue through
digital media through designing and executing marketing campaigns.
After campaigns have been launched, you will extract and analyze
data across multiple channels.


  • Maneuver digital marketing campaigns through all areas of the project life cycle
  • Clearly understand and implement digital marketing campaigns which fit client needs
  • Provide analytical reporting of campaigns to stakeholders


  • Bachelor’s degree or eguivalent
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Experience with SEO and SEM Strong written, verbal and collaboration skill





  1. Perusahaan Stabil dan Berkembang
  2. Berkomitmen dalam pengembangan setiap karyawan dalam hal pribadi maupun karir
  3. Menjadi garda terdepan dalam kemajuan industri di indonesia

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